STEM Club first meeting on Sept. 20, new student led events begin


Jasmine McCarty is currently working on the introductory presentation for the club.

Matthew Du

Senior Manav Munsunuru, president of the science, technology, and engineering (STEM) Club, is preparing for another year. Being a mostly student-led organization, it is up to the club leaders to direct and guide the events that occur for the club, and plan ahead for future occasions. 

Because they are transitioning from a hybrid/virtual year, they have planned many more events and possible trips for this school year. They are still currently in preliminary planning for speakers and activities, but have planned their callout meeting, which will be in room B223 on September 20th. This club mainly focuses on learning about STEM topics that the school curriculum may not cover. 

“STEM Club meetings will hopefully be in-person this year, which is different from the Zoom meeting we used to have. Additionally, we may have field trips or outreach projects this year, which we were unable to do last year because of COVID-19.”

STEM Club and their goals are highly important, but the specific interests may differ between people. According to Manav, “The most important part of the STEM Club is being able to learn more about different careers and fields, as it helps people in their decision over what they may want to major in or pursue later in life.”

Club officer and junior, Abhi Chalasani adds that, “The most important part of STEM Club for me is being able to meet new people with similar interests, as even without the guest speakers you could learn something new about STEM through other students while also making new friends.”

He elaborates, “I think what separates this club from other science clubs is that we have the flexibility to not just cover science topics. Because STEM includes science, technology, engineering, and math there is a large amount of topics we could cover/learn about. Other science clubs, such as chem [chemistry] club, don’t have this much flexibility.”

Both of them agree that this year, the club will have many more newcomers due to the in-person nature of this school semester, and this year will likely be much more active than before. It will also likely cover multiple aspects of STEM due to its broad nature, and will offer lots of learning opportunities for newcomers and veterans alike.

Club advisor Eric Rauch, allows the students the majority of the role in running the club and helps out when needed. By Matthew Du.

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