National Honor Society to advertise, prepare for Ghosts and Goblins event

Jillian Moore

National Honor Society (NHS) now has multiple leadership committees working on the 13th annual Ghosts and Goblins 5K and 2K run/walk in conjunction with the Carmel Education Foundation. The event will take place at CHS on Oct. 23 at 8:30 a.m. Registration will increase in price after Oct. 17.

According to Chloe Boyd, NHS president and senior, Ghosts and Goblins is the club’s top priority, with leadership committees working on advertising and preparing for the event. She said the protocol for virtual meetings is also now established, consisting of NHS sponsor Allison Malloy posting a video on Canvas all members have to view, which is how information about events like Ghosts and Goblins is shared.

Boyd said, “Right now, everything is flexible because we don’t know if we’re going to have in-person meetings or online meetings (for the rest of the year)… We have Ghosts and Goblins coming up which is a (volunteer opportunity) you can participate in for NHS hours.”

Malloy said, “We do a lot with Ghosts and Goblins, through the Carmel Education Foundation. So we’re just starting in the primary stages of helping them get to that which is in (late) October.” By Jillian Moore.

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