National Honor Society (NHS) to plan events, continue to provide volunteer opportunities

Jillian Moore

After organizing the successful Ghosts and Goblins 5K and 2K run/walk, NHS officers will focus on maintaining programs which provide volunteer opportunities for club members. NHS has no large events immediately upcoming but will continue to utilize virtual meetings in the foreseeable future.

According to Chloe Boyd, NHS president and senior, although the club could technically still return to in-person meetings, she said it is unlikely because of the large number of people in the organization.

“(The structure of NHS is) very flexible this year. Lots of things are changing just because of COVID, so lots of our meetings may be online rather than in-person this year. It’s just, a lot has changed because we don’t want everybody, 300 people, all together, sitting in one room,” Boyd said.

NHS sponsor Allison Malloy said despite these challenges, members should feel grateful to attend school full time again, as it allows the club to offer more volunteer hours both within CHS and in the community.

She said, “One of the main goals for (NHS) is to provide as many opportunities as we can to provide service hours for students. Why that’s exciting is because it helps to create a positive impact, not only in our school community but also outside of it. So I’m excited to be back in the building full time and then to get students out there to be able to do more good both inside and outside of the building.” By Jillian Moore.