Winter Formal Q&A with Macie DeLilo and Michelle Foutz


Tsion Daniel

Macie DeLilo

So what would you say your role is as a senator? 

I mostly help plan events for the whole school to participate in, be part of that leadership group and being an active member. 

 Can you tell me a little bit about what this event is? 

It is basically just a dance. I would compare it a lot to homecoming and it’s after The Pike vs Carmel Home Game. It’s from 9 to 11 in the field house and it’s just like a fun dance. Hopefully to celebrate a basketball win and have a good time with your friends. 

So how can people sign up for this event?

At every lunch there’s gonna be like one or two senators at a table. It’s pretty well marked. You might have to look for it a little bit but they’ll be selling tickets so all this week they’re selling tickets and they’re $5 each, You just go up and buy one And then at the game there are $10. 

Is there a raffle for people who do attend?

There is a raffle, there’s gonna be two parking passes raffled off. And various gift cards from places around Carmel as well and I’m pretty sure the raffle is free with admission.

How does the process work for court nominations?

There is a link in the Senate instagram bio where you just basically, it’s a google for me, type in whoever you want to nominate and the person with the most votes gets it and it’s just royalty. So it’s two people with the highest amount 

Why would you encourage people to come to this event? 

It’s going to be a fun event to hang out with your friends and meet new people I guess. And it’s also a fundraiser for the student government. So if we want to keep putting on fun events like homecoming, like every celebration we have that whole day homecoming and like various other things that the whole school year, like this is necessary to keep continuing that.

Michelle Foutz 

So can you explain a little bit about what the winter formal is?

Well, really, it’s just a winter dance. It’s just a winter dance after a basketball game. But every time we have the winter dance, we create a theme. You know, we have had a 70s theme, we’ve had neon themes. But this year, they decided to make it formal. So this is not a dance where you go out and buy an expensive outfit to wear. This is just a goto your closet and pick out something that looks nice and wear it. And I was telling some people today, I mean, you could make it you know, you could make it a decade formal, you could wear a formal 70s outfit, I mean, this is just your it’s just a theme for a regular post-basketball game dance. You know, we want to take the stress out of this, that this is not, you know, there is no pressure to go out and buy something new for the stands. This is just a fun thing to do after a basketball game. And I think there’s been a little confusion about what exactly it is.

So is this the first year that like the winter dance has had a theme of it being formal?

For for a long time? Yes, yes, it is. So I think that’s probably why there’s a little bit of confusion. But again, we’re just trying to provide a fun activity after the basketball game. But we’re not trying to add stress or an additional expense for anyone. So we hope that the communication that (Senate) getting ready to send out, is going to help clarify that for people.

So why would you encourage people to come to this event?

Well, because we don’t have a lot of these types of events, we don’t have a lot of dances we used to a long time ago. When I was in the early years of my time at Carmel High School, we had a lot of dances all the time ,(but) we don’t have that anymore. And it’s a fun event for Carmel High school students to get together and we’ve got some games and activities and basketball. And I mean, there are other things that people can do besides dance. And you know, it’s a way to just hang out with your friends and be here at school and have fun. And it doesn’t cost me very much. It’s $5. So it’s a cheap way to have fun with friends, friends at school. And parents would like it because it’s safe. And  we hope that students feel the same. They chose so evidently well, so the students did some market research. And they did send out some surveys to get some feedback about what theme students would like. And they chose formal because that was what the most popular theme was among the people who filled out the survey. So that was why they chose that.

What else would you like the readers to know? 

I think the thing is, we have not had the dance for a little while. And that’s because of COVID. And so we had to shut down a lot of the fun school events. And so now that we can do it, though, we still have a pandemic. And we’ve learned how to live in a global pandemic. I think it’s great to come out and participate in this because a year ago, we didn’t have things like this and so take advantage of these fun opportunities to hang out with students you know, now that we have them again.