Senate starts year with Elections, planning for Custodial Appreciation Week, Homecoming

Lillian He

September 16, 2020

Senate started off their school year by holding elections. According to Senate sponsor Michelle Foutz, elections ended Sept. 11 and results were given over the announcements Sept. 14 and 15. Foutz said she is currently in the process of working with the school to transfer all new Senate members to t...

Hounds Edged 21-27 by Panthers on Homecoming

Ashwin Prasad

September 28, 2019

North Central senior and wide receiver Richard Hamilton scored two touchdowns, including the game-winning score with 51.8 seconds to hand CHS (5-2) their first Homecoming defeat in 16 years, 21-27. A sluggish first half gave way to a thrilling fourth quarter packed with twists and turns. The Panthe...

Pep Up for the Pep Rally: Students should maintain the homecoming spirit by appreciating the pep rally

Natalie Khamis

September 26, 2019

Homecoming has an odd effect on students. I have noticed that people seem happier during homecoming week as if they are excited about attending school for once in their lives. The time and creativity that goes into choosing themed outfits goes beyond the normal sweatshirt and legging combination seen th...

Homecoming Horror Stories

Homecoming Horror Stories

Riya Chinni

October 1, 2018

Chae Haley, Senior, about her Freshman Homecoming “Basically what happened is I was planning on going to Homecoming with one of my friends for about two months, and I figure out about three days before Homecoming that I can’t go because I’m going to be out of the state in Texas. So, I have...

Students, staff explain deeper impact of building Homecoming playhouses

Marissa Ryan

September 21, 2018

Senior class president Meredith Lipps is a veteran of the annual Homecoming playhouse build. While she participates in other charitable activities, the three year veteran said she values the event, which involves building and decorating a child’s prefabricated playhouse from beginning to end in one a...

CHS Cheer Team Prepares for Homecoming Game

Head Coach Lisa Knipp shows the team a new stretch before starting practice. Junior cheerleader McKenna Abbey waits to the side to do it to her stretching partner.

Jess Canaley, Staff Member

September 17, 2017

Homecoming is a high school tradition that schools all over the country are preparing for in the weeks to come. At CHS, students gear up for the Homecoming football game by participating in spirit week, playhouse building, and tailgates. For the cheer team, they’ve been gearing up for the game by prac...

Ask the HiLite: How to get the most out of Homecoming

Raiha Zainab, Student Section reporter

September 16, 2016

Homecoming week is in two weeks. According to Darren Chang, Senate member and senior, students should participate in the festivities. Homecoming week, which will take place from Sept. 26 to Oct. 1, concluding with the dance, is a big part of CHS and includes several festivities students and teachers ...


SPIRITED: Wang remains clueless while Greaser demonstrates excitement for Homecoming.  The two are the true contrast between the Grinch and the Real John Williams.


September 11, 2014

Freshman David Wang is the epitome of unexcited for this event while Student Body President Bobby Greaser is Homecoming-ready. What do you know about Homecoming week? David: I know close to nothing. I’ve heard it’s a really popular activity here at the high school. Barely any of my friends have...