CHS Cheer Team Prepares for Homecoming Game

Jess Canaley, Staff Member

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Homecoming is a high school tradition that schools all over the country are preparing for in the weeks to come. At CHS, students gear up for the Homecoming football game by participating in spirit week, playhouse building, and tailgates. For the cheer team, they’ve been gearing up for the game by practicing in the mornings before school and evenings after school to perfect their skills.

Head Coach Lisa Knipp said that the point of the cheers, during the Homecoming game especially, is to showcase their skills and abilities through competition sequences.

“This weekend we are hoping to unveil, similar to what the marching band does, they’ll perform portions of their competition routines at halftime, we try to do portions of our competition routine throughout the course of the game,” Knipp said.

McKenna Abbey, junior and cheerleader, said that the team is looking forward to cheering at the game due to the energy from the crowd and the festivities attached to it.

“We are looking forward to being able to cheer and have fun at the game. Homecoming week is the most fun. There is always more people there,” Abbey said.

Even though the game is fun for both cheerleaders and fans, the same fundamentals and standard of excellence are retained during the performance.

Knipp said, “We want to showcase the difficulty as well as execution, so we continue to strive to be the best that we can be by practicing in the morning and practicing in the afternoon, and keeping safe.”