Senate starts year with Elections, planning for Custodial Appreciation Week, Homecoming

Lillian He

Senate started off their school year by holding elections. According to Senate sponsor Michelle Foutz, elections ended Sept. 11 and results were given over the announcements Sept. 14 and 15. Foutz said she is currently in the process of working with the school to transfer all new Senate members to the Senate SSRT.

Next week Senate will host an appreciation week for the custodial and managerial staff at CHS. 

Senator and junior Dylan Boyer said, “We do this every single year…It serves as a reminder for students to thank their custodians, (and) make sure the custodians are appreciated. We do this to make sure people that are such a critical part of our school are represented and feel cared for.”

Foutz added that things would look different this year due to COVID-19.

“Normally what we do is bring in food and make announcements, but we can’t just set out food (because of COVID-19). We’re trying to come up with something creative to do this year that we would be able to do in a global pandemic,” Foutz said.

Senate is also working on planning Homecoming and adapting it to keep everyone safe during COVID-19.

According to Foutz, due to COVID-19, Homecoming will undergo several changes this year while also keeping some traditional activities.

Foutz said, “There will (still) be the parade…We’re organizing spirit activities throughout the week, like spirit days, and we’re trying to figure out if there’s anything we can do during SRT time related to Homecoming, (because Homecoming) will be a regular school day. We’re still organizing the scooter races but they will be during the evening, like Wednesday evening (of Homecoming week).”

Boyer said, “The club booths that we have every year on Homecoming don’t exist anymore so we’ve had to come up with certain replacements and ways to make Homecoming still fun through the pandemic.”