Pep Up for the Pep Rally: Students should maintain the homecoming spirit by appreciating the pep rally

Natalie Khamis

Homecoming has an odd effect on students. I have noticed that people seem happier during homecoming week as if they are excited about attending school for once in their lives. The time and creativity that goes into choosing themed outfits goes beyond the normal sweatshirt and legging combination seen throughout the halls. Everyone looks forward to concluding the exciting week with shortened class periods, homecoming booths and everyone’s personal favorite: the pep rally.

All 5,000 students and staff members bustling through the cramped hallways, marching down the quarter-mile trail in 90 degree weather to squeeze themselves into the home side of the bleachers, the smell of teen spirit and body odor adding to the students’ excitement— what is there not to love about the pep rally?

Okay, I may have exaggerated the last part. It’s common knowledge that students in the past have never taken a liking to the homecoming pep rally. Rather than being focused on the trike races and the homecoming court nominees, everyone is busy complaining about having to walk the trail to the stadium and back as well as the scorching heat. But, this shouldn’t damper the homecoming spirit. 

Rather than find ways to ditch the pep rally, I urge students to maintain the level of excitement throughout homecoming week through the pep rally. The pep rally is the only time this entire school year where all 5,000 students are together celebrating something that we all have an interest in. It is the only time where we can unify our excitement and show off our pride for our school and our community. 

Instead of complaining, keep on cheering; the only way we as a school can strengthen our pride for homecoming is to take pride in our pep rally and unify our spirits. Let’s go Greyhounds!