Winter Formal Q&A with Macie DeLilo and Michelle Foutz

Tsion Daniel January 21, 2022

Macie DeLilo So what would you say your role is as a sense?  I mostly help plan events for the whole school to participate in, be part of that leadership group and being an active member.   Can you...

Elijah Choi, co-founder of Advancement of Asian Americans in Arts and Athletics (A5) and senior, speaks at a gathering by the City of Carmel on April 28.

A year after murder of George Floyd, student leaders, administrator discuss cultural awareness progress at CHS

Tsion Daniel May 25, 2021

Last year, a meeting with Dr. Harmas took place on Sept. 24 regarding diversity and equity at CHS in light of the murder of the George Floyd on May 25, 2020. Now, after about a year since the murder of...

Briana Chen, AP Physics C student and senior, performs a demonstration that demonstrates the existence of magnetic fields.

Students, science professionals discuss impact of scientist stereotypes on science education during Global Citizen Science Month

Tsion Daniel and Archit Kalra April 22, 2021

For Briana Chen, Physics Club member and senior, extracurricular activities are important in exploring her passion: astrophysics. However, her passion does come with a drawback—stereotypes. Chen said,...

Radiothon, a fundraiser for WHJE, will occur on April 17 from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. and on April 18 from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. In this broadcast, there will be numerous live shows. WHJE radio adviser Dominic James said, “Because we are doing 12 hours each day of live shows, I think it shows the breadth and depth of the station and the students are really key to that weekend to do stuff to raise awareness.”

WHJE to host Radiothon this weekend

Tsion Daniel April 14, 2021

WHJE will host Radiothon this weekend on April 17 from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. and on April 18 from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. Radiothon is a fundraiser to raise money for WHJE. Callahan Lacy, WHJE Treasurer and...

WHJE events manager and senior Jessica “Jess” Cooper stands with her “Best On-Air Pledge Drive” trophy. Cooper said participating in competitions is beneficial. Cooper said, “I think (competition) steps our content up just a little bit because we know we can be recognized on that level. Of course we do it for our listeners and for our class, but I think it also gives it that edge of I can be a nationally-known broadcaster.”

WHJE wins many first place awards at Intercollegiate Broadcasting System competition, plans for Radiothon

Tsion Daniel March 17, 2021

The Intercollegiate Broadcasting System (IBS) recently hosted the virtual IBS 2021 Conference where WHJE had 23 individual winners in 41 different categories and WHJE won the National Radio Station of...

The second annual Rileython will occur on Feb. 27 at 8 a.m. There are several ways to donate to this cause, including dining at one of the restaurants listed above. Jessica “Jess” Cooper, WHJE events manager and senior, said, Our fundraising goal right now is $3,000; I’m hoping to top that. We’re close to beating our total from last year. We are at $2,100 right now so I’m hoping to beat our goal of $3,000, fingers crossed.”

WHJE promotes second annual Rileython on Feb. 27, will attend IASB

Tsion Daniel March 15, 2021

As Rileython is approaching, WHJE staff members are promoting the event. Rileython, which is an event to raise money for Riley Children’s Hospital, will start Feb. 27 at 8 a.m. Jessica “Jess”...

The second annual Rileython will occur on Feb. 27 at 8 a.m. In this broadcast, there will be live shows as well as interviews with Riley patients. Jessica “Jess”Cooper said, Rileython is an annual all day live broadcast in efforts to raise money for Riley Childrens Hospital! We have live shows, Interviews with Riley patients, and more all on Rileython day which is on February 27th this year.”

WHJE to host second annual Rileython on Feb. 27

Tsion Daniel March 14, 2021

On Feb. 27 at 8 a.m., WHJE will host the second annual Rileython. WHJE first started Rileython last year in an effort to raise money for Riley Children’s Hospital. In this broadcast, there will be live...

Jessica “Jesse” Cooper poses for a group photo with her fellow WHJE staff members at the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System (IBS) competition last year in New York. Cooper said via email she is honored to be nominated.

WHJE gains numerous awards at Intercollegiate Broadcasting System competition

Tsion Daniel March 14, 2021

The Intercollegiate Broadcasting System (IBS) recently posted their Media Awards nominations and 33 WHJE staff members have received a total of 41 different awards, either winner or runner-up awards. These...

CHEER ON: Cheerleaders perform while holding signs. According to Brooke Kibler, head coach of fall cheerleading, safety precautions contribute to successful  seasons and more moral support.

Athletes, coaches practice ways to limit the risk of injury from dangerous cheerleading stunts

Tsion Daniel January 14, 2021

For Sharon Zhou, varsity gold cheerleader and sophomore, falling from the extended arms of a couple of teammates is nothing new. “For me, flying wasn’t physically-hard (but) it was more mentally...

Senior Lauren Lee plays a Korean Board game called baduk with her father Kristian Lee. She said it is similar to the Chinese game Go, where the objective is to have the players cover as much of the board. as possible.

Students, professor discuss Korean representation in school curriculum

Tsion Daniel January 13, 2021

For senior Lauren Lee, Korean culture isn’t just a part of her, it is her identity, an integral part of who she is, and as Korean American Day is Jan. 13, students at this school like Lee said they are...

In 2016, freshman Ava Beckman and her father, David Beckman, collect food from the kitchen counter on Thanksgiving. Beckman said her family normally celebrates Thanksgiving with many family members, but this year, due to the coronavirus, will most likely only celebrate Thanksgiving with immediate family. Beckman said, “I would say just go ahead and make those changes to be safe. It’s better to be safe than sorry. I’d say you would rather have a smaller Thanksgiving celebration and not have anybody get sick, instead of having a big celebration and then half those people have COVID and it’s a very dangerous virus, somebody could be in the hospital, somebody could pass away.”

Students find new ways to celebrate Thanksgiving, Black Friday due to COVID-19

Tsion Daniel November 26, 2020

For senior Logan Tullai, as for many students at this school, Thanksgiving is an annual family tradition. For Tullai, Thanksgiving serves as a time of reflection. “It’s a good time to reflect on...

WHJE radio adviser Dominic James looks at his desktop in his office. James said WHJE updated their website and fixed the listen live button. He added that he encourages people to take a look at the new podcasts added to the website as well.

WHJE has new website, will have radio play “The War of the Worlds” in December

Tsion Daniel November 11, 2020

With the broadcasting of the radio play “The War of the Worlds” approaching, WHJE is currently focused on editing the radio play. WHJE partnered with the Carmel Youth Theater (CYT) which provided actors...

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