Cabinet to organize, lead annual Race for Riley on Sept. 17

Jillian Moore

The Cabinet will lead a charity color run this Saturday, Sept. 17, to raise money for the Riley Children’s Hospital. Although the early registration deadline of Sept. 11 has already passed, participants can still sign up although the Cabinet cannot guarantee them a shirt. 

Cabinet sponsor Sarah Wolff said Cabinet has lots of momentum for the event after a busy summer of fundraising. 

“We’ve run a golf outing every summer. We all do fundraising where they do odd jobs, service throughout the summer. We have students in charge of that, and a student sign up to do that. We mow lawns, you name it, we do it,” she said. “And often people will contact our service and say I need four kids to come and weed, or I need five kids to come and set up a wedding, like we have done this summer. Random things where instead of getting paid, people will donate to them.”

According to Speaker of the House Tomas Balcius, Race for Riley is a fun event for a great cause. He said check-in starts at 1:30 p.m. at the Coke Lot, and the run starts at 2 p.m

Cabinet members discuss and plan for coming events. Senior Allison Wolf (front) said Cabinet grows from collaboration and teamwork.

“Race for Riley is a 3K color run, (but) it’s more like a walk. It’s at the Carmel High School football stadium,” he said. “We just have a bunch of different paint powder stations and people walk by, we spray them with paint, throw powder at them. People have a great time.”