Q&A with senior Aastha Sharma, boxing and exercise


Aastha Sharma

Aastha Sharma, boxer, demonstrates one of her stances. Sharma said she started boxing after getting inspiration from her father and brother.

Ava Reddick

What first got you into boxing?

“I first started in 4th grade. My family, my dad and my brother had started boxing so I was like ‘okay I should start getting some exercise’. The gym I went to took away the boxing facility so I just got back into it around last year.”


How often do you box?

“I go to the gym once a week, I might go a second time just to do some sparring.”


Do you do any matches?

“I don’t do competitive matches because it is a recreational thing, just once in a while I will spar.”


How would you get yourself ready for those?

“They give me head gear and body gear, and I have my own mouth guard. I also just really do general drills before I start sparring, or freestyling with a bag or practic[ing]. with a partner.”


Do you wish to continue this hobby in the future?

“I definitely want to continue this in the future, even when I’m in college. It’s a great way to both learn self defense and just stay active.”


Ava Reddick

What do you enjoy most about boxing?

“Just being able to let off some steam.” “During a stressful week, I can just go to the gym and use a punching bag.”


What advice would you give to people who are interested in boxing?

“Go with an open mind. There are a lot of different aspects of boxing you can expose yourself to.”


Do you get any inspiration from anyone? If so, who and why?

“I got inspiration from my previous boxing partner, Saumya. She always kept me motivated and made me want to improve myself. She was also the only person who could convince me to go running if for some reason I couldn’t go to the gym.”


What is something that most people think about you that isn’t really true in this sort of boxing?

“People tend to assume I do street fights when I say that I do boxing, which isn’t the case.”