Cabinet to organize, participate in Runway for Riley event on Nov. 12


Jillian Moore

Cabinet members made ornaments this week to give to individuals who bought box seats to Runway for Riley, which is on Nov. 12 at 7 p.m. The event benefits the Caroline Symmes Endowment, a unique organization that funds pediatric research for solid tumors. Those who would like to attend can buy tickets here or pay $15 at the door in cash or via Venmo.

According to Speaker of the House Tomas Balcius, over 50 students and staff will walk the runway, modeling clothes from local businesses. Attendees can expect refreshments, pop-up shops, a silent auction and a chance to win valuable coupons for holiday shopping. He added that as the semester has progressed, he has made it a priority to use events like this one to bring Cabinet members closer together and to help achieve the group’s lofty monthly goals.

“After all of that important event information that I’ll talk about, we’ll do a turn and talk. So, we’ll have everyone talk to the people at their table. We’ll have them say their name, their grade and then just like a random question,” he said. “So today, our question was ‘what’s something this Monday you’re planning on doing to help fundraise?’”

Junior Lindsey Dykes (right) and other Cabinet members make ornaments by hand for the Runway for Riley attendees who bought box seats. Anyone can still buy tickets for the event, which starts at 7 p.m. on Nov. 12.

Cabinet sponsor Sarah Wolff said she agreed with this sentiment, and she has seen amazing motivation from this year’s Cabinet as they have prepared for Runway for Riley.

“There’s something special about groups every single year, and every group has a different story and a different dynamic and a different ‘why.’ I think we have in this group some really strong ‘whys,’ of why several of these students are involved in this organization this year, and what they’re working for, what they’re doing it for.”

Learn more about the Caroline Symmes Endowment, which Runway for Riley is fundraising for, at