Counseling Center to continue scheduling for sophomores until Dec. 6


Sophomore Eesha Singh finalizes her course requests for her junior year on Nov. 21. Singh said she is uncertain about the classes she signed up for.

Helena Wang

The counseling center is continuing scheduling for sophomores for the 2023-2024 school year. Counselor Casey Danubio said counselors will be meeting with sophomores to enter course requests through Dec. 6.

Danubio said, “We have an agenda we follow (for scheduling) but the main goal is to enter course requests for next year and for the student to understand their diploma type and path to earning a diploma.”

Sophomore Eesha Singh said course scheduling for junior year is stressful and she is unsure of what classes to choose.

“For my course requests for my counselor meeting, I feel slightly uncertain about some of (the classes) because I don’t know how beneficial these courses are going to be or how difficult they’re going to be in the future,” Singh said.

As course scheduling has started since Nov. 7, Danubio said the appointments with the students have been running smoothly and the students are well prepared.

“I think (course scheduling) is going well. It can be challenging as a sophomore to know all of the available resources and to understand the program of studies, which is why we do 15- to 20-minute individual appointments,” Danubio said.

After the students meet with their counselors, Danubio said the course requests are finalized later.

Danubio said, “We enter their requests and then wait until the spring when the master schedule is run to see for conflicts.”