Q&A: Winter Formal with Senate sponsor, student body president

Darshini Shankar

Michelle Foutz, Senate sponsor

Where is the Winter Formal?

“It’s held in the fieldhouse.”

How much are tickets and when can students buy them?

“It’s $5 ahead of time and $10 at the door. Tickets are on sale on GoFan. So if you have that QR code, you can just go in and invite your ticket on for GoFan. If people only have cash, we have people selling tickets during lunch in all three cafeterias, so you can buy a ticket there, too, if you have cash.”

What is the dress code for Winter Formal?

“It’s semi-formal, it starts after the game but there’s some people who will dress more casual. I mean, it’s really up to you how you choose to dress.”

What activities will be there?

“There’ll be tables (where) people can sit and play games. We’ll have board games, cards, basketball (and) cornhole. So (if) people are not interested in dancing, they can play games.”

Shrivardan Atluri, student body president

How much are tickets and where can they be bought?

“Tickets are $5. You can buy them at all lunches. And then we have tickets that you can either buy on GoFan or you can buy them on paper. The (GoFan) link’s in the Carmel Senate (Instagram) bio. They’re $10 off the gate (and) $5 if you buy them now.”

When is the dance?

“The dance itself, it’s from 9 to 11 p.m. It’s right after the basketball game against Ben Davis.”

What activities and music will be at Winter Formal?

“We have a lot of activities like ping pong, basketball (and) dancing. The DJ (sophomore Coyer Paradise) is actually one of our students and he has a nice playlist lined up for all of us.”