Chemistry Club to hold tryout next meeting

Next meeting on Jan. 6 tryouts will be held for the Washington University Chemistry Tournament (WUCT) where CHS sends three teams of six people to compete. Club members will take a test and based on scores they placed into the teams.

Grace Yang, Chemistry Club’s officer and senior said, “It will just be like a chemistry test and whoever gets the most problems right (gets in) it’s a point system. There will be an A team, a B team and a C team.”

Aakash Patel, Chemistry Club’s officer and senior, said that “WUCT can be a chance for our members to employ their chemistry learnings in more ‘real life’ and applied problems,” via email.

Yang also said it is like a regular AP Chemistry test and has short answers. Jennifer Drudge, a Chemistry  teacher, will create the assessment. The best way members can prepare for the test is by reviewing their chemistry knowledge and notes.

Chemistry Club sponsor Scott Seymour said he all club decisions are deferred by club officers and students. By Avani Gupta