Mock Trial Club to compete at county


Mock Trial members met after school in room F102 on Jan. 10. Club sponsor Robert Browning explains the Mock Trial competition rules and expectations.

Isaac Hsu

Mock Trial members to meet for Mock Trial county competition at the Hamilton County courthouse on Feb. 1. The club has begun the county competition which will run through March, to decide which teams make it to state. 

Mock Trial sponsor Robert Browning said the teams have worked hard, and should have a good experience at the county competition.

“It’s pretty early in the season, but (Mock Trial has) put a lot of time over winter break and I think the teams have worked pretty hard,” he said. “You’re never fully prepared, since we get the case in October, and by the time we get the team together it’s Thanksgiving, then you have finals and winter break, so it’s kind of hard to get together as a team until county, which may be some people’s first time competing.”

Nolan Scozaro, Mock Trial member and junior, said his first time competing has been an exciting experience.

“I’m very excited for the cases and our team performance. So our teams take turns competing, and my team will be competing in half of the competitions for the county meets, and I’m pretty excited, I’m sure we will do an excellent job,” he said. “It’s a fierce competition, but for Mock Trial it’s either win or die, we just gotta do it and try our best to win and it’s gonna be great.”

Browning said the county competition decides which teams can qualify for state.

“The county competition will run through Jan. and Feb. or March, and the state will be in two different weekends in March, but first we have to make it through the county meets,” he said.