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Carmel Clay Schools to connect with families outside school district

Superintendent Michael Beresford writes messages on birthday cards for Carmel Clay School staff members. Beresford said that it’s important to celebrate and recognize the people that help our school run.

According to Superintendent Michael Beresford, Carmel Clay Schools is implementing programs to connect with families who do not have any children enrolled in the district.

“We found out during the school board election that there was just a lot of misinformation sent out. So, we wanted to kind of create a pipeline for people to receive accurate information, and (for them) to see what is actually going on (in our schools),”

“The other reason is to build a stronger community. We have an operating referendum that’s going to be up in December of 2024. And so, I want the community to be very aware and engaged with what we’re doing. (That way) they can see where their tax dollars are being spent,” Beresford said.

According to Beresford, our school district is targeting people whose kids have graduated from CHS, but have stayed in Carmel, and retirees who have moved into the city of Carmel.

“We started a thing called Community Connections,” he said. “And so, I’m doing an informational presentation at the three middle schools for anybody that wants to come and just learn about the schools. Then, we are doing something called ‘Coffee with the Superintendent.’ So we meet with homeowner associations and really anybody and just chat.

“Then we’re (also) going to give tours of Carmel High School to alumni,” he added. “So it can either be former students that have graduated or also former parents who would like to just come in, see the school, and see the different improvements we’ve made in the building.”

Senior Nicolas Jagelka said, “I think that it’s important for people to have an understanding of the education students at Carmel receive, and how that’s an integral part of what makes a city successful.”

Beresford said, “Our community, you know, it’s kind of like a triangle. (You have) your teachers, (your) parents, and you guys. But on a larger scale, we have the city and we have connections within the city. There are just a lot of connecting points. So, (we want) to keep those strong and we want to keep broadening (them) if we can.”

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