Band, orchestra students give advice for practicing over break, adapting to higher level performing arts

Noah Sim, marching band member and senior, rehearses on his euphonium during summer marching band rehearsals. Sim began to play the euphonium for marching a year ago. Sim said the summer rehearsals allow for the marching band to get a head start, as well as integrate freshmen with upperclassmen.

Isabella White, Bowen Zhou, and Grace Xu

August 13, 2019

Noah Sim, marching band member and senior Is there a specific practice schedule for marching band over the summer? We practice on weekends and a couple of weeks in the middle of the summer. We get a month off, but then in August we have these two weeks where we practice for 11 hours a day for four da...

Choirs reflect on Fall Concert, prepare for Holiday Spectacular

Steven Kelly, New Edition member and senior, does AP English Literature and Composition homework during lunch in the library on Oct 29. “I feel like the fall concert went pretty well. I improved a lot, just at the concert itself. I feel like just being in front of a stage and being in front of a lot of people helps a lot,” Kelly said.

Josie Cruzan

November 8, 2018

The fall concert was on Oct. 9. Director of choirs Katherine Kouns said, “It was a huge success. The students really sold their performance, and everyone did a great job. I loved the piece that our Accents performed with our Camerata orchestra. It was absolutely beautiful and I was thrilled that we we...