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Virtual students taking Chinese prepare for final exams as many reach 70% completion mark

Michelle Wan April 14, 2021

As the month of April arrives, students in Chinese classes continue to prepare for their last semester until the summer holiday. Sophia Yang, Chinese III student and sophomore, said she believes being...

Students in Chinese classes celebrate Lunar New Year through different family traditions

Michelle Wan March 15, 2021

Lunar New Year is one of the largest holidays for the Chinese culture. This year, students in Chinese classes designed cards to celebrate the new Year of the Ox. Chinese teacher Tungfen Lee said this is...

Senior Lauren Lee plays a Korean Board game called baduk with her father Kristian Lee. She said it is similar to the Chinese game Go, where the objective is to have the players cover as much of the board. as possible.

Students, professor discuss Korean representation in school curriculum

Tsion Daniel January 14, 2021

For senior Lauren Lee, Korean culture isn’t just a part of her, it is her identity, an integral part of who she is, and as Korean American Day is Jan. 13, students at this school like Lee said they are...

 Junior Ben Lin helps set the table at his family restaurant, Wild Ginger on 116th. He said he sometimes works with his mom at the restaurant on the weekends for a couple hours.

Recent studies show decline of Chinese-owned restaurants, bring light to cultural changes between generations of immigrants

Sam Hawkins February 21, 2020

For almost 14 years, junior Emily Chan’s parents owned and operated a Chinese restaurant in Carmel. The restaurant was always like a second home to Emily; when she was in elementary school, she spent...

Spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) does not excuse increased racist behaviors, anti-Chinese sentiment

Spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) does not excuse increased racist behaviors, anti-Chinese sentiment

Karen Zhang February 21, 2020

As an introvert, I have always been aware of the times when I have cleared my throat in a silent room or coughed more than two times in a single class period. But now, as a person of Chinese descent, I...

Chinese teacher Tungfen Lee uses Twitter to gain support for Chinese classes

Sowmya Chundi December 10, 2018

Throughout November, Chinese teacher Tungfen Lee posted several pictures of students participating in new activities in her classroom. According to Lee, the tweets have been very successful in bringing...

What's in a Name? Students should appreciate the heritage, culture of others.

What’s in a Name? Students should appreciate the heritage, culture of others.

Heidi Peng, Feature Editor January 25, 2018

For years I have battled with the question of “Who am I?” According to my bloodline, I am Chinese; according to my citizenship, I am American. According to those who know me, however, I am an “ABC”-...

Senior Sathvik Madduri sautés onion paste before adding in other ingredients for Biryani.

Dining with Diversity: Students, teachers assess how they celebrate their typical Thanksgiving with cultural twists

Bryce Cheng and Darrell Cheng November 17, 2017

When Thanksgiving comes to mind, turkey, mashed potatoes and football typically come to the forefront. For some students at this school, however, not all of these stereotypical elements are present....

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