Students in Chinese classes celebrate Lunar New Year through different family traditions

Michelle Wan

Lunar New Year is one of the largest holidays for the Chinese culture. This year, students in Chinese classes designed cards to celebrate the new Year of the Ox. Chinese teacher Tungfen Lee said this is one of the most outgoing events in China.

“I always like when it is time to celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year; each year in classes I would show clips from the big show that is performed in China during this holiday,” Lee said. 

Carolyn Jia, Chinese I student and freshman, said the Lunar New Year is not only a holiday for a new year but also a way to connect with her family.

“Every year, my family celebrates Lunar New Year by making dumplings and watching the shows that are performed in China during this holiday. We would also video chat with relatives in China,” Jia said. 

Sophomore Teresa Yu is taking Chinese II and said she enjoys the time during her class to celebrate the festivity. 

“I like when Lunar New Year comes because it reminds me of a new start; the little projects we do like making cards are really fun and it’s always a way to connect between our peers,” Yu said.