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Virtual students taking Chinese prepare for final exams as many reach 70% completion mark

Michelle Wan April 14, 2021

As the month of April arrives, students in Chinese classes continue to prepare for their last semester until the summer holiday. Sophia Yang, Chinese III student and sophomore, said she believes being...

Chinese II students prepare for vocabulary quiz on new travel unit

Michelle Wan March 16, 2021

Chinese II students have just started their new unit on travel.  Claire Noggle, Chinese II student and sophomore, said students  have a matching quiz for the new vocabulary every unit. “We have vocabulary...

Students in Chinese classes celebrate Lunar New Year through different family traditions

Michelle Wan March 15, 2021

Lunar New Year is one of the largest holidays for the Chinese culture. This year, students in Chinese classes designed cards to celebrate the new Year of the Ox. Chinese teacher Tungfen Lee said this is...

Junior Remi Shirayanagi and her mother, Ikue Shirayanagi sit at their kitchen table discussing the different types of tea that they enjoy the most and the history behind each tea after brewing their own cups of green tea. Remi said that tea is a large portion of her family’s life, as it is included in most of her family’s meals, and, if a guest comes over, their family would present the guest with tea as a welcome gift.

Tea enthusiasts consider history, heritage, importance of tea in their lives

Kruti Subbannavar January 24, 2021

It is dinner time and as junior Remi Shirayanagi eats she takes sips of brown tea on the side. Remi said that all of her family drink tea together, mostly at mealtimes.  “I drink tea like I do water,”...

Virtual students in Chinese II take on challenges, choose safety over risks of COVID-19

Michelle Wan January 11, 2021

As school starts up for its second semester, students have the choice to switch between the all virtual or hybrid systems of learning. Some Chinese II class students who have chosen the all virtual path...

Chinese II students begin new unit, learn about different cultures of clothing in China

Michelle Wan November 11, 2020

Throughout October, Chinese teacher Tungfen Lee allows students to explore more Chinese culture of clothing styles by completing individual projects in her class. “It is really hard right now to find...

National Chinese Honors Society sponsor Tungfen Lee looks at the NCHS flyer for this year’s events. According to Lee, NCHS is trying to appeal to middle schoolers and are trying to have a more prominent role in CHS by “appearing (and being) heard more” in CHS culture.

National Chinese Honors Society begins planning activities

Nathan Huang September 17, 2019

National Chinese Honors Society (NCHS) will begin the year with its activity at the library on Sept. 19. The goal of the society is to enrich and immerse students with information about Chinese culture....

The Diversity Debate

The Diversity Debate

Cory Steele and Amy Zhou January 27, 2017

Paint It White: Whitewashing in “The Great Wall” reflects a bigger problem in Hollywood January marked the beginning of the new year, but another New Year’s celebration is approaching fast; tomorrow,...

All For a Cure to disband

Beats May 18, 2015

As a result of the majority of All For A Cure Club members being primarily seniors, the club will be ending this year. With no one to continue leadership, All For A Cure Club, which started in 2010, will...

Chinese teacher Tungfen Lee prepares for lesson plans for the day. Over the past several weeks, Lee discussed the Chinese language and cultural fair with her students and helped them prepare for the contests and activities. SARAH TINAPHONG / PHOTO

Chinese students to attend Chinese language and cultural fair

Beats April 16, 2014

On April 19, the Chinese students will be attending the Chinese language and cultural fair at Eastwood Middle School. The fair, featuring several different cultural activities along with language contests...

Chinese classes to celebrate Chinese New Year

Beats January 27, 2014

The Chinese classes are celebrating the upcoming Chinese New Year on Jan. 31 with a Chinese New Year celebration feast. In preparation, students will research a Chinese dish, prepare the food and then...

All for a Cure has more bake sales planned

Beats November 18, 2013

On Nov. 5, members of All for a Cure met to discuss their recent bake sale for the American Cancer Society. Members had set up a table outside the main cafeteria and sold Halloween-themed baked goods....

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