Virtual students taking Chinese prepare for final exams as many reach 70% completion mark

Michelle Wan

As the month of April arrives, students in Chinese classes continue to prepare for their last semester until the summer holiday.

Sophia Yang, Chinese III student and sophomore, said she believes being a virtual student gives her an advantage when studying for final exams.

“I think that because I’m taking a Chinese class from Indiana Online (Academy), I have an easy way to schedule when I take my final, leaving me the opportunity to study for my other class finals.” Yang said.

Sophomore Patrick Gao is taking Chinese II and said he has less stress because he is able to take his Chinese final exam with his own time preference.

“Because I can take my final once I’m done with all of the unit lessons, it has given me less stress in this course, allowing me to focus on the harder classes,” Guo said.

Chinese teacher Tungfen Lee said, “It is nice that the virtual program allows more time; however, there is always a concern of dishonesty.”