Chinese II students begin new unit, learn about different cultures of clothing in China

Michelle Wan

Throughout October, Chinese teacher Tungfen Lee allows students to explore more Chinese culture of clothing styles by completing individual projects in her class.

“It is really hard right now to find a perfect activity for everyone to enjoy and keep socially distant. I think projects are a good way to keep the students entertained while learning,” she said.

Teresa Yu, a sophomore currently taking Chinese II, said projects are a great way to keep the class entertained during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I like when we do projects and sometime present them (and) everyone in the class starts laughing, but I wish we could have more interactions with one another instead of sitting at our desks,” she said.

Elly Shen, Chinese II student and junior, said, “I have learned a lot from doing projects in class. Whenever we do presentations based on the projects, it has always helped my confidence level go up.”