Administration explains construction for main offices at Door 4

Administration explains construction for main offices at Door 4

Kassi Darnell

December 12, 2019

Starting during winter break, the attendance, student services and the counseling offices at Door 4 will be under construction. In addition, the health center and activities offices will also be under construction. The offices will be moved, expanded and renovated. During construction, the...

Construction at Door 4 to take place during winter break

Principal Tom Harmas discusses winter construction with speaker of the House Deion Ziwawo during a Superintendent's/Principal's Advisory Council meeting. Harmas said QR codes will be put up in ever SRT classroom next year so students can pull up directions to relocated offices.

Da-Hyun Hong

November 29, 2019

According to Principal Tom Harmas, student resource officers, athletics and student services will relocate in the next couple of weeks in preparation for major construction during winter break. He said, “(The construction will) affect a couple things. In and out for attendance will be down at Door ...

School Resource Officers (SROs) plan for SRO at door 21

Senior Vivian Werstler writes for a class assignment. Werstler said a SRO at door 21 will help students feel safer.

Hari Patel

November 20, 2019

School Resource Officers (SROs) at CHS plan for the transition to having an SRO stationed at door 21, according to SRO Shane VanNatter.   “Students may have noticed the construction at door 21 is almost complete so there will be an SRO stationed at that door soon,” VanNatter said.   According to VanNatter, an SRO at door 21 will help keep the nor...

Construction by Door 21 to finish by early November

Principal Tom Harmas shows the Superintendent's/Principal's Advisory Council updates on the construction on the fieldhouse. Harmas said construction by Door 21 should wrap up by Nov. 1.

Da-Hyun Hong

October 20, 2019

Construction at Door 21 should conclude by Nov. 1, according to Principal Tom Harmas. The new secured entrance will not only feature a buzzer system but will also have an office window. Harmas said, “In the vestibule of Door 21, we’ll have an office window so people can drop off stuff without co...