Construction at Door 4 to take place during winter break


Principal Tom Harmas discusses winter construction with speaker of the House Deion Ziwawo during a Superintendent’s/Principal’s Advisory Council meeting. Harmas said QR codes will be put up in ever SRT classroom next year so students can pull up directions to relocated offices.

Da-Hyun Hong

According to Principal Tom Harmas, student resource officers, athletics and student services will relocate in the next couple of weeks in preparation for major construction during winter break.

He said, “(The construction will) affect a couple things. In and out for attendance will be down at Door 21. If your parents bring in things for you during the day, it’ll be Door 21. If your parents are coming into guidance, they’ll have to come in the main office. If they are coming to pick you up, it’ll be Door 21—it’s those types of things.”

The PTO newsletter addressed these changes and QR codes will be in every SRT classroom next year so students may pull up directions at any time, according to Harmas.

Student body president Maddie Heath said these new changes will be beneficial to the student body.

“In the long run, I think (the construction will) make things better just because it’s all geared towards making things easier for us—making everything run more smoothly and more efficiently,” she said. “I’m hoping they have it as far along as they possibly can in that timeline though because I know a lot of things will still be going on by the time we get back to school. But overall, I think it’s good.”