School Resource Officers (SROs) plan for SRO at door 21


Senior Vivian Werstler writes for a class assignment. Werstler said a SRO at door 21 will help students feel safer.

Hari Patel

School Resource Officers (SROs) at CHS plan for the transition to having an SRO stationed at door 21, according to SRO Shane VanNatter.
“Students may have noticed the construction at door 21 is almost complete so there will be an SRO stationed at that door soon,” VanNatter said.
According to VanNatter, an SRO at door 21 will help keep the north end of the school safe.
Senior Vivian Werstler is in favor of an SRO guarding door 21. She said an SRO at this entrance will help students feel safer. 
“If the school thinks an SRO stationed at door 21 will increase the safety of the school, I think it’s a good idea especially when it comes to monitoring who enters the school at this entrance,” Werstler said.