Senior Sneha
Srivasta poses
with traditional
Indian food
from her culture.
She says that
although she
has adapted to
the differences
in culture in the
United States, her
family still eats
traditional food
like dosa which is
an Indian bread
that has been
incorporated as
the United States
diversifies its

Students and teachers both see challenges, positives and negatives of immigration

Matthew Du, Student Section Reporter October 22, 2021

National Immigration Day, which will occur next Thursday, is a day geared to reflect on the numerous cultures that make up the melting pot culture that makes up the United States.  However, according...

Bring Me My Money: CHS teachers reflect on new pay raises

Viyang Hao November 15, 2019

This school year, Carmel Clay teachers will receive the largest pay raise they have received in the past decade. In the new contract, it states that Carmel Clay teachers will see a 4% increase of pay this...

Alina Husain, Indian Student Alliance (ISA) president and senior, works on a computer. Husain said, “We feel pretty good about (the club). Mainly what we need to do is planning.”

Indian Student Alliance planning for callout, rest of year

Emily Dexter October 13, 2017

Alina Husain, Indian Student Alliance (ISA) president and senior, said the club now plans to have its callout after fall break. According to Husain, ISA plans to host events for major Indian holidays...

Secretary and sophomore Jai Sanghani and vice president and junior Sitha Vallabhanen eat during lunch while discussing ideas about the club. PHOTO// ANNIKA WOLFF

Indian Student Association has found new sponsor

Beats March 17, 2016

Indian Student Association (ISA) has found its sponsor and is currently working towards planning a Holi celebration. Club president and sophomore Alina Husain said English teacher Elizabeth Kahl was the...

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