Economics Club members continue to prepare for Indiana Economics Challenge

Archit Kalra January 28, 2020

Economics Club members continue to prepare for the Indiana Economics Challenge.   According to Aiden Ascioti, Economics Club president and senior, said that the members started preparing at...

Economics Club members in David Ricardo division begin to study supply and demand

Archit Kalra November 20, 2019

Economics Club members in the David Ricardo division will focus on self-studying supply and demand and take practice tests as part of their preparations for the Indiana Economics Challenge in April,...

Michelle Foutz, Economics Club sponsor and economics teacher, sits at her desk, checking her email. She said her hopes for the club include going to New York

Economics Club plans to meet sometime in October

Beats September 11, 2015

The call-out meeting for Economics Club will be held sometime before Oct. 15, according to Michelle Foutz, Economics Club sponsor and economics teacher. “By October 15, I’ve got to have...

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