Economics Club members continue to prepare for Indiana Economics Challenge

Archit Kalra

Economics Club members continue to prepare for the Indiana Economics Challenge.
According to Aiden Ascioti, Economics Club president and senior, said that the members started preparing at their Jan. 21 meeting.
“We receive past state (competition) tests as practice and complete those on our own time typically,” Ascioti said via email. “Then, when we meet together (and) we do ‘buzzer rounds’ to practice responding quickly to buzzer questions.”
Buzzer rounds usually take place between the highest-scoring teams and decide the winner of a competition.
Though participants continue to study, club sponsor Michelle Foutz said she will not be finalizing team rosters for a few months.
“(Team selection) is very fluid, because I don’t know who I’m going to take (to the competition) until the end,” she said. “As we get closer to it, people are turning in tests and I’m looking to see how strong they are, because I want the very strongest three teams going to the state competition.”