Economics Club members in David Ricardo division begin to study supply and demand

Archit Kalra

Economics Club members in the David Ricardo division will focus on self-studying supply and demand and take practice tests as part of their preparations for the Indiana Economics Challenge in April, according to club sponsor Michelle Foutz.
The division is primarily comprised of students who have never taken an economics course or students who are currently in an introductory economics course.
Foutz said that diligence in this unit is necessary because of its importance to economics as a whole.
I think supply and demand are very important,” she said. “That model is used throughout economics, and so it’s very important that you have a basic understanding of that initially, and that’s why we start with that.”
Aiden Ascioti, Economics Club president and senior, said he agreed. 
I think starting this early with such a core concept of supply and demand (is essential) because supply and demand are used all over economics. It’s in microeconomics, macroeconomics — it’s everywhere — so making sure you have such a solid foundation is good, and especially because through this first semester we’re going to be doing a lot of learning and practicing,” Ascioti said.