Players, coaches identify benefits of having team fundraisers

Kelly Csenar, varsity lacrosse player and senior, takes the draw. Csenar said the team helps to support themselves every year in a variety of ways, such as sponsored dinners at local restaurants.

Satvik Kandru, Reporter

May 18, 2018

As many teams’ sports seasons come around, players help to raise money for certain necessities such as uniforms and equipment. Currently, the women’s lacrosse team is hosting a fundraiser in conjunction with local restaurants such as Dominos and the Indianapolis Indians baseball team to raise mone...

CHS athletic department raises own money, creates budget

Jess Canaley and Ben Traylor

December 12, 2016

Giving students at CHS the opportunity to compete in sports isn’t always as easy as trying out and making the team. For many, overwhelming equipment costs or dues can get in the way of playing the game. While parents of CHS students often have the resources needed to cover any expenses required to ...