Players, coaches identify benefits of having team fundraisers


Uday Lomada

Kelly Csenar, varsity lacrosse player and senior, takes the draw. Csenar said the team helps to support themselves every year in a variety of ways, such as sponsored dinners at local restaurants.

Satvik Kandru, Reporter

As many teams’ sports seasons come around, players help to raise money for certain necessities such as uniforms and equipment.

Currently, the women’s lacrosse team is hosting a fundraiser in conjunction with local restaurants such as Dominos and the Indianapolis Indians baseball team to raise money for certain extracurricular activities and events.

“We raise money for our (lacrosse) program so that if we need to we can spend it on whatever we need,” Kelly Csenar, varsity lacrosse player and senior, said. Csenar said it is vital that sports have funding because a playing a sport is never cheap.

The women’s lacrosse team has fundraised and hosted public events to raise money for their team.

“In the past, we have had a lot of fun fundraisers,” Csenar said. “We have sold pizza coupon cards for Dominos, done the canned food drive at lacrosse games, and we have had arrangements with local restaurants.”

The lacrosse team isn’t alone in hosting fundraisers, however. The baseball team also hosts events such as breast cancer awareness campaigns to raise money for their team.

“Obviously, it’s always a good feeling to give back to the community and at the same time we host other activities to help fund the stuff we need because baseball can be expensive at times,” Robbie Levine, varsity baseball player and senior, said.

Even with fundraising, many said playing a competitive sport is costly.

“School lacrosse is expensive,” Csenar said. “We have to get certain equipment like goggles, mouthguards and lacrosse sticks. Fundraising only covers some of it.”

Levine also said playing a school sport is not cheap.

“Everybody has cleats, bats, and our team uniforms. It can be expensive at times,” Levine said.

According to CHS Athletic Director Jim Inskeep, the school provides a large amount of amenities for each sport such as facility, transportation to events, uniforms etc.

“Different programs are fundraising for different needs. Some are trying to offset the costs of their player practice package which can include items necessary to compete in the sport. Other programs are fundraising for other items which either enhance the experience,” Inskeep said.

Csenar said fundraising will be common for many other sports as well.

Csenar said, “I just think it’s great to fundraise because of the value it has for a sports program, I hope teams consider it in the future because it really helps a lot.”