Show choir competitions are beneficial for choir students

Yumi Colombo, Accents member and junior (left) along with other members of Accents practice the set choreography during a Wednesday night rehearsal.  Colombo said practicing long hours has motivated the choir to work towards improvement as well as create a close bond among the girls.

Kassandra Darnell

February 21, 2020

Yumi Colombo, Accents member and junior, spends her SRT in room P118 working with her choir director to perfect the dances the Accents are learning for their competition set. When Colombo isn’t in SRT for choir, she also attends required evening rehearsals, where she gets to sing and dance with he...

Ambassadors prepare for fall concert

Kyle Barker, associate choral director and lead director of Ambassadors, praises the choir on their hard work at the MIC Choral Festival. Barker said the students showed great effort throughout the long and tiring day.

Emily Carlisle

October 17, 2019

On Sept. 18 Ambassadors went to the MIC Choral Festival hosted at Laurence Central High School. The festival ended with a free public concert featuring the choirs at the event. Kyle Barker, associate choral director and lead director of Ambassadors, said the event went well and the students learned...

Ambassadors plan to wrap up the year with spring concert

Kyle Barker, lead director of Ambassadors, describes the spring concert. Barker said that the concert closes with every choir onstage singing a song together.

Emily Carlisle

May 13, 2019

The Ambassadors have had a year full of success at competitions and concerts. Now it is time to end the year with one final performance with all of the choirs. The spring concert is May 16 in the Dale E. Graham auditorium at 7 p.m. Gui Basso, sophomore and member of Ambassadors, said that it is nice to turn ...

Choirs finish auditions, begin preparations for spring concert

Director of Choirs Katherine Kouns sends an email to Jeff Worrell, a member of the Chamber of Commerce on March 7 in her office. The email was in regards to possible promotion of Select Sound’s Ear Candy concert, which will take place two days after they return from Washington D.C.

Josie Cruzan

March 22, 2019

The choirs finished auditions in the first week of March, and now the three choir directors, Katherine Kouns, Kyle Barker and Sam Chenoweth, are working to place the students who auditioned into the choirs that the directors feel are the best fit. Choir placements will be announced the week of March 24 t...

Bring It On!: Spring musical targets high school audience, makes adaptations from original version

Kyle Barker, associate director of choirs, plays the piano during a rehearsal. Barker said he hopes that this musical will target a different audience.

Grace Xu

March 22, 2019

For this year’s spring musical, CHS will take the contemporary route by putting on the show “Bring It On.” The show centers around Campbell, who is the cheerleading captain of an affluent school before she moves to a less well-off school and has to adapt. While  CHS has showcased musicals in the past targe...

The Art of Electives: Art electives shape seniors’ high school experience, plans for future

COLORING IN THE CANVAS: Sydney Remble, art student and senior, works on her painting during her class period. Remble said although she will not major in art, she hopes to incorporate it in her future.

Emily Carlisle, Isabella White

March 22, 2019

English, math, science and history courses—these are all classes which aim to both educate and broaden the minds of teenagers all across the country. Ever day at CHS students across all four grades find themselves slumped in desks, teachers lecturing on the fundamentals of radicals or the importance of t...

Ambassadors are halfway through their show choir season

Gui Basso, sophomore and member of Ambassadors describes what a competition is like. Basso said that the competitions are long but fun and definitely worth it in the end.

Emily Carlisle

March 1, 2019

This Saturday Ambassadors plans to compete in its third competition of the school year. Saturday’s competition is called Xtreme Show Choir Showdown and is held at Lafayette Jefferson high school. New Edition and Accents, this school’s other competitive show choirs will also be competing at the event...

Ambassadors plan to compete in a few days

Gui Basso explains what getting ready to compete is like from the eyes of a student. Basso said it is fun seeing it all fit together and watch it become something they can perform.

Emily Carlisle

February 6, 2019

Ambassadors is going full steam ahead to wrap everything up for its first competition on Feb. 16 at Center Grove High School in Greenwood. The competition, called Best of the Midwest, will be Ambassadors’ first of four competitions in the 2018-19 school year. Kyle Barker, associate choral director and...

Choirs prepare for Auditions, Choral Showcase

Director of choirs Katherine Kouns prepares a program on her computer in her office on Jan. 22. The program was for a concert being held at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church.

Josie Cruzan

January 31, 2019

Students from all of the choirs except Counterpoints and Expressions recently went on the Applied Music trip to New York City, getting back on Jan. 21. In addition, the choirs are currently in audition season, which will run until March. Director of choirs Katherine Kouns said that students are...

Half(Time) Notes: Ambassadors’ new Half Notes event to take place tomorrow evening

Choir director Kyle Barker oversees the Ambassadors during their rehearsal after school. According to Ambassador and junior Danny Ghalayini, the Half Notes event is a much more interactive experience for the kids than typical choir concerts and events.

Isabella White

January 24, 2019

Tomorrow evening, one of the most prestigious choirs at CHS will host the first-ever Ambassadors’ Half Notes event, where students in grades four through six will come to CHS to learn a song and dance that they will perform during halftime at the Ben Davis basketball game that night.    Ambassad...

Ambassadors continue to assemble set, songs for Holiday Spectacular

Kyle Barker, lead director of Ambassadors, plays through one of the Ambassadors' songs for Holiday Spectacular. Barker said that Ambassadors had many songs in the show to prepare.

Emily Carlisle

November 10, 2018

The students in Ambassadors work towards one of their biggest goals for the year, Holiday Spectacular (Spec). This is Carmel Choir’s 27th year putting on this holiday classic. Spec showcases every choir in the program through a number of songs including only one group and a few where the entire progr...

After fall concert, Ambassadors prepare for Cabaret, more

Kyle Barker, lead director of Ambassadors, shows his appreciation for the Ambassador's hard work. Barker spoke of how many things the Ambassadors have on their plate at the moment.

Emily Carlisle

October 17, 2018

The choir department’s fall concert was last Tuesday. Now that the fall concert is over, the Ambassadors have a much busier schedule. They plan to perform this weekend at their Cabaret show with the Accents (the all girls competitive show choir). Kyle Barker, associate choral director and lead dire...