Ambassadors are halfway through their show choir season


Gui Basso, sophomore and member of Ambassadors describes what a competition is like. Basso said that the competitions are long but fun and definitely worth it in the end.

Emily Carlisle

This Saturday Ambassadors plans to compete in its third competition of the school year. Saturday’s competition is called Xtreme Show Choir Showdown and is held at Lafayette Jefferson high school. New Edition and Accents, this school’s other competitive show choirs will also be competing at the event.

Kyle Barker, associate director and lead director of Ambassadors said that the students are almost done with their season but they are still hard at work.

Barker said, “So we’ve got two competitions left and one of them’s in Lafayette this weekend. And then there’s Heart of America in two weeks in Nashville, Tennessee. We will conclude like the season with a community performance called Evening of Show Choir with Accents and New Edition. We’re kind of preparing for that along with competition season. And we are also starting to get music ready for a concert choir state if we are so lucky to make it.”

Gui Basso, sophomore and member of Ambassadors agreed with Barker’s statement and said that preparing for Evening of Show Choir is not as much work as competition because the students just showcase things they have done already this year.

Basso said, “So now, after our first few comps we’re making necessary changes to the choreography and continuing to improve our vocals so that our set keeps getting better for each competition.”