Youtube Playlist: A Piece of Cake [MUSE]

Youtube Playlist: A Piece of Cake [MUSE]

Grace Xu

February 20, 2020

February is National Bake for Family Fun Month, and I swear that the most therapeutic activity—besides baking itself, of course—is watching baking videos. Those YouTube cooking channels (and I’m not talking about Buzzfeed Tasty, although those videos are fun too) with beautiful camera angles and AS...

Media Playlist: Over the 月亮 (Moon) [MUSE]

Media Playlist: Over the 月亮 (Moon) [MUSE]

Grace Xu

January 25, 2020

Happy Lunar New Year! In honor of today being Chinese New Year, I’ve compiled a list of various Chinese pop culture recommendations, from music to TV shows to YouTube channels. As a Chinese American, I think Chinese pop culture is especially underrated and not easily accessible in America. Because ...

Homecoming ’19: Tourist Day [MUSE]

Homecoming '19: Tourist Day [MUSE]

Grace Xu and Shruthi Ravichandran

September 23, 2019

Happy Tourist day! It's the first day of Homecoming week and we're kicking it off by wishing we were literally anywhere else but here! So grab your passport and explore some of our top picks for all things travel related. Book: Crazy Rich Asians  Song: Somewhere Beyond the Sea by Frank Sinatra  Movie: Roma...

For Your Inspiration: Art students, art department chair advise artists how to take inspiration from others without stealing art

Junior Vivian Werstler adds to her drawing of a city street in SRT on May 9. Werstler said she found her own art by taking small pieces of inspiration from others’ work and combining them to create something unique to her.

Isabella White

May 23, 2019

Imagination and creativity are two traits often found within an artist. As he or she finishes the final stroke of a masterpiece, everyone is left wondering where the idea came from. While pure artistic intuition often plays a large role, the long-held tradition of gathering inspiration from other works ha...

Trumping Expectations: Students, staff compare expectations during Trump’s campaign to those now

Loncharich looks back as club members enter the room. According to Loncharich, there was a large turnout for the second meeting of the year.

Angela Qian

October 26, 2017

Junior Sasha Matsuki said she is generally disappointed but not surprised when she sees the latest news regarding President Donald Trump and his policies. However, Matsuki said she wanted to have positive expectations going into his presidency. “Before (Trump) won the election, everything that could have happe...

Ask the HiLite: In today’s politically charged climate, how can students properly consume the news?

Terry Ramos, CHS Media Specialist and Media and Communications Department Chair

Raiha Zainab, Student Section reporter

February 23, 2017

"I think that the best thing that students can do is educate themselves that each news outlet has some sort of bias, and that when consuming news, you have to be a little careful of that. So, knowing which news sources can skew a little left or a little right, or which ones are really more in the mid...

Dignity in Devotion. Fans should understand that their idols are human, deserve basic respect.

Dignity in Devotion. Fans should understand that their idols are human, deserve basic respect.


May 19, 2016

Nothing is more fun than a concert. The experience of seeing a favorite group or singer live is unforgettable. As a huge fan of music, watching songs come to life on stage is a magical experience, and as strange as it seems, it’s easy for me to view my favorite musicians as wizards or gods, inhuman in ...

Students use social media, websites to facilitate marketing, self-branding

Students use social media, websites to facilitate marketing, self-branding


March 18, 2016

Senior Lauren Colbert said she has always been hypnotized by the camera lens. She ran around family reunions with a camera, took it with her on playdates and dreamed of becoming the photographer at her beloved summer camp, Camp Tecumseh. Little did she know that one day, after building a portfolio and ...

Under the Influence: Students consider impact of celebrity decisions and actions

THE RIHANNA EFFECT: Tyler McDuffy, Hollywood Hounds anchor and junior, holds a shirt of Rihanna. McDuffy said the media affects how he expresses himself. DIVYA ANNAMALAI / PHOTO


May 21, 2015

Celebrities influence many people in our generation, and according to a Newsweek poll, 77 percent of Americans believe that celebrities have too much of an influence on teenagers—particularly girls. The effect is especially evident in their appearance and attitudes. Sophomore Kathryn Wolfert said one...

Media polarizes opinion

Cover Story


October 10, 2014

When Mariam Aziz, Muslim Student Alliance member and senior, pulled up her news feed on Facebook, a picture of a crying girl receiving a certificate from men in black robes caught her eye. The caption read, “Gazan girl accepts her mother’s diploma during a graduation ceremony after Israel murder...

Sensationalist Title Here. Be cognizant of information spread through media.


October 10, 2014

“Congress enabling ‘Cheney war doctrine.’” “Your brain can make decisions during sleep.” “Americans think the criminal justice system is racist.” Sensational headlines on websites have one purpose: to make money. You see the flashy title that piques your interest and click on it, taking you to ...

Students here find a disparity between how relationships are portrayed in media and in reality

Students here find a disparity between  how relationships are portrayed in media and in reality


February 14, 2014

Every week this year, senior Jessie Meltzer developed a habit of turning on the TV to her two favorite shows: “How I Met Your Mother” and “Breaking Bad”. Despite the clear differences between the two shows, there are significant elements of romance in both of them. Compared to Meltzer’s over...