Youtube Playlist: A Piece of Cake [MUSE]


Grace Xu

February is National Bake for Family Fun Month, and I swear that the most therapeutic activity—besides baking itself, of course—is watching baking videos. Those YouTube cooking channels (and I’m not talking about Buzzfeed Tasty, although those videos are fun too) with beautiful camera angles and ASMR-like audio are works of cinema, and I am here to recommend a list of all my favorites! If you have some time, check these channels out and maybe spend some time following along to bake with and for your family. : )        


YouTube Playlist: A Piece of Cake

Warm hugs, the smell of cookies, melted chocolate, soft cake, focused enjoyment, fluffy whipped cream, yummy pastries.


The most iconic cooking/baking channel had to make this list. Their video on “The Most Fool-Proof Macarons You’ll Ever Make” is my personal favorite, although I have yet to make the macarons… 

Cooking tree 쿠킹트리

One of the most beautiful cooking channels I have ever seen. I could pretty much link every single video as my favorite, so here is simply a link to the channel’s most recent baking video (heart-shaped brownies and cookies) as of the time I’m writing this.

Bon Appétit 

I don’t know about you, but I get this channel’s “Back-to-Back Chef” and “Gourmet Makes” videos all the time in my recommendations which are really fun to watch. Also, my co-blogger Shruthi recommended this as one of her favorite cooking channels! For a baking recipe that isn’t a dessert, here’s one on baking lasagna to check out.


 This isn’t a cooking channel (yet) so much as a vlog channel, but there’s a fair amount of cooking and baking videos. One of the channel’s most recent videos is on how to bake the chocolate cake from Kiki’s Delivery Service, which I think is absolutely adorable.

How To Cook That

Recommended by one of my friends, I recently started watching the channel. While it’s not a very typical cooking channel in my opinion, I like the way she tries to incorporate more “professional YouTuber” elements with voiceovers and backstory and whatnot. Try making Aux Merveilleux, a Parisian dessert, with her recipe here.


Another beautiful cooking channel, this is where I learned how to make tanghulu (essentially candied fruit) successfully my first try, even though it isn’t easy to make from what I’ve heard. On a more baking-related note, I definitely plan on trying out Seodam’s tiramisu and lady fingers recipe sometime soon.

How To Cake It

I would imagine that these videos are less for copying the recipes and more for entertainment, what with the extreme videos more reminiscent of challenge channels rather than cooking channels. Here’s a cake that looks exactly like a Tiffany’s jewelry box.


I must admit that this channel is a bit off-topic since I’m not sure if there are actually any baking videos on here, but it is a cooking channel (and I don’t know if I’ll get any other chances to recommend it!). Snowenn specializes exclusively in making bento boxes that look as cute as they look delicious.


 The channel’s most recent video is on making chocolate crepe cakes, which look (and probably taste) so good. Definitely my favorite channel for anything cafe-related—from baked desserts to drinks to even cute cups—especially with the attention to aesthetics.


Hope you enjoyed this curation. Bake up a yummy month! : )


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