Seniors Brandon Teater, Gabe Quigley, Michael Uhrig and Cassidy Eckstein (left to right) play a board game that they play with their mentees during the K-8 Mentor SRT. Eckstein said the mentor experience has humbled her and opened her eyes to the struggles those around her face.

As January is National Mentoring Month, K-8 mentoring presents benefits for both mentees, mentors

Hannah Gretz January 23, 2020

Each year in January since 2002, the Harvard School of Public Health has led a National Mentoring Month. Over the past 18 years, this campaign has developed to promote mentoring, specifically in youth,...

Junior Mckensie Matthews (LEFT) helps junior Natalie Hanna with Spanish. Matthews said she loves using the language to help others.

Worldwide Welcome: Students serve as mentors for English Language Learners (ELL), promote CHS Culture of Care

Leah Tan October 24, 2019

Since the crisis in Venezuela began, CHS has had a recent intake of English Language Learners (ELLs). In fact, the United States has seen an increase in ELLs in general. According to the National Center...

Mentor and senior Fareeha Mouzan goes through her phone during SRT. She said shes really enjoyed building closer relationships with her mentees and becoming more comfortable with them.

K-8 mentors to continue building relationships with mentees throughout fourth quarter

Michelle Hong April 16, 2019

According to Robin Pletcher, AP Psychology and K-8 Mentoring teacher, as the semester comes to a close, the class likes to reflect upon what they’ve learned and achieved during the year. “We as a...

Kiara Gill, K-8 mentor and junior, studies during SRT. She said she joined the class to meet more kids and help her community.

K-8 Mentors to continue meeting with students from Carmel schools

Michelle Hong March 22, 2019

According to Robin Pletcher, AP Psychology and K-8 Mentoring teacher, the mentors will continue to go out and spend time with their mentees from the Carmel elementary and middle schools. She said, “I...

Mentor and senior Cameron Clark (left) socializes with a friend during SRT. He said he joined K-8 mentoring to help kids who might later attend CHS as well.

K-8 Mentors continue to meet with their students at Carmel elementary and middle schools

Michelle Hong February 27, 2019

According to mentor and senior Cameron Clark, the K-8 mentors are continuing to meet with their assigned students every Gold Day during SRT. He said, "I joined the program because I’ve done a lot...

Mentor and junior Kiara Gill studies during SRT. She said she is still meeting with her students every gold day and looks forward to being a mentor her senior year as well.

K-8 Mentors for next year to be decided soon

Da-Hyun Hong February 2, 2019

According to Robin Pletcher, AP Psychology and K-8 Mentoring teacher, she is currently in the process of interviewing applicants for next year’s mentors. She said she tends to emphasize attendance because...

Greyhound Connections applications due March 29, new members to be announced mid-April

Beats March 28, 2012

Greyhound Connections is currently in the process of accepting applications for new members for next year. Greyhound Connections sponsor Joe Stuelpe expects to have finalized the list of accepted members...

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