K-8 Mentors for next year to be decided soon


Michelle Hong

Mentor and junior Kiara Gill studies during SRT. She said she is still meeting with her students every gold day and looks forward to being a mentor her senior year as well.

Da-Hyun Hong

According to Robin Pletcher, AP Psychology and K-8 Mentoring teacher, she is currently in the process of interviewing applicants for next year’s mentors. She said she tends to emphasize attendance because it’s important for the students to rely on their mentors.

Pletcher said, “When my mentors are out at schools, a lot of the times, I’ll pick a school and I’ll go out, and there have been times when I show up to a school and the little kids there might be crying because all week they’ve been looking forward to meeting with their mentor and their mentor’s not there that day so that’s why I have a big emphasis on attendance.”

Mentor and junior Kiara Gill, said this year has been going very well and she plans on being a mentor her senior year as well.

“It’s going great. I have four kids and they’re from second grade to fifth grade. They’re all just really sweet and energetic kids, but each kid is different,” Gill said. “Every time I hang out with them, we’ll play a game, but it’s really fun to meet new personalities and just enjoy time with them.”