Application for next year’s K-8 Mentors due late January


Michelle Hong

Mentor and senior Cameron Clark talks to a friend during SRT. According to Robin Pletcher, K-8 Mentoring and AP Psychology teacher, most of the mentees are excited to reunite with their mentors after the long winter break.

Da-Hyun Hong

Robin Pletcher, K-8 Mentoring and AP Psychology teacher, said she is currently in the process of interviewing candidates for next year’s K-8 mentoring program. She said the application includes the completion of a rating sheet by three teachers and is usually due at the end of January.

“I like to look at if they’ve had experience working with children before; that’s always nice so they can kind of know what to expect,” Pletcher said. “I like to see someone who is consistent so I look at attendance because if I’m going to select you and pair you up to meet with a kid, I want to know that you’re here to be with that kid. If I see that you’re absent a lot then that’s kind of a flag to me.”

Mentor and senior Cameron Clark said he’s been meeting with his students for a few months now and looks forward to continuing to see them.

“I think it’s going really well. Every time we get to our schools, they’re (the students) really excited to see us,” he said. “They’re beginning to look forward to it every time and count on us being there so it’s going well and most of our kids like us.”