K-8 Mentors continue to meet with their students at Carmel elementary and middle schools


Michelle Hong

Mentor and senior Cameron Clark (left) socializes with a friend during SRT. He said he joined K-8 mentoring to help kids who might later attend CHS as well.

Michelle Hong

According to mentor and senior Cameron Clark, the K-8 mentors are continuing to meet with their assigned students every Gold Day during SRT.

He said, “I joined the program because I’ve done a lot of work with like peer-facilitation and with special needs kids, like being able to help and mentor people. I thought it’d be cool to go around to the schools and help out kids who are eventually gonna be here (CHS).”

Robin Pletcher, AP Psychology and K-8 Mentoring teacher, said she believes K-8 Mentoring is a unique program at CHS.

“It’s different because they actually go out to the elementary and middle schools of our community and help others as opposed to just staying within our school,” she said