Students, teachers consider changes to SAT, AP exams

Claire He October 26, 2021

Over the summer, junior Ishaan Singh prepared for the newest version of the SAT, one of the cornerstone high school exams, by using Khan Academy as a tool for grammar and reading practice as well as taking...

Junior Elliott Shi takes a SAT practice test. Shi said, It would make more sense to require SAT, ACT tests to prepare students.

In light of new graduation requirements, students, administrator, see positives in replacing ISTEP with other standardized testing options

Maddie Misterka September 23, 2021

     As of this school year, new graduation requirements are being put in place affecting the class of 2023 and later graduating classes. These changes say that the previously required ISTEP program...

Q&A with students on changes to SAT

Q&A with students on changes to SAT

Daniel Kim March 14, 2021

Yonas Singh, junior Were you planning on taking the SAT essay or any subject tests during 2021? Yes, I was planning to take some subject tests during 2021. I was not planning to take the essay for...

AVID working on college preparatory skills

Zainab Idrees January 20, 2021

According to junior Zoe “Zoey” Foley, an AVID student, the classes are preparing for college preparatory skills. “AVID has actually helped me with looking for colleges, and for being ready with...

Senior Nishita Prasad writes down her to do list in a notebook to stay oranized and to make sure she gets all the points on her list done and to not stress out with all her school work and extracurriculars.

Students, admissions counselors debate the importance of extracurriculars

Kiersten Riedford August 13, 2020

When it comes to applying to college there are several important aspects, the main ones being GPAs, test scores (ACT/SAT), activities lists, letters of recommendation and personal statements. While GPAs...

Colleges should reconsider the use of standardized tests, go test-optional for admissions

Colleges should reconsider the use of standardized tests, go test-optional for admissions

Cady Armstrong June 26, 2020

Whenever I think about the junior year of high school, I think about the stress of taking the SAT, ACT or other standardized tests. I picture stressed out students trying to balance studying for these...

Students should not lie about race on college applications in order to receive advantages

Sowmya Chundi January 23, 2020

This past October, as part of the Operation Varsity Blues college admissions scandal, Marjorie Klapper was sentenced to three weeks in prison for falsely claiming her son was African-American and Hispanic...

Always Changing Tests: Students and counselor consider the implications of new ACT features

Riley TerBush November 15, 2019

In September of 2020, the ACT will implement a three-pronged policy to its testing services. The changes will allow students to take the test online at testing centers, retake individual test sections...

News Briefs

September 20, 2019

Junior Cameron Milam works on an assignment for AVID. He said he believes AVID can be very helpful for his future. “It teaches me how to ask questions, how to answer those questions and how to prepare for college and my future,” Milam said.

AVID works with students in preparation for SAT, ACT

Pranav Jothirajah December 3, 2018

In order to help students prepare for the SAT and the ACT, the AVID program has begun assigning practice tests. AVID coordinator Jamie Newcomer said she believes it is important that AVID is helping students...

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