Do Something Club to meet Oct. 30, plan upcoming fundraisers

Do Something Club sponsor James Ziegler talks with Sammi Kadinger, Do Something Club member and senior, about the club’s upcoming meeting on Oct. 30. According to Ziegler, the club will plan the annual October breast cancer research fundraiser and Fleece Blankets for the Homeless event as well as a Veterans Walk to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project at the upcoming meeting.

Angela Li

October 29, 2018

Do Something Club will meet on Oct. 30 to continue planning the club’s ongoing fundraisers, according to Do Something Club sponsor James Ziegler. Ziegler said due to bad weather and a low turnout at the home football game on Oct. 12, the club will continue their annual breast cancer research fundraiser t...

Care for Veterans. As Veterans Day approaches, recognition, honor of veterans is more important than ever.

Care for Veterans. As Veterans Day approaches, recognition, honor of veterans is more important than ever.

HiLite staff

October 26, 2017

In just a few hundred years, our nation has fought through conflicts from the Revolutionary War, which began the country itself, to both World Wars, to the Korean and Vietnam Wars and now to Afghanistan and Iraq. But while not all of those conflicts have been popular, no matter what one’s political ...

PHOTO ESSAY: Veterans Day Convocation

PHOTO ESSAY: Veterans Day Convocation


November 11, 2014

On November 10, CHS held its annual Veterans Day convocation in the Dale E. Graham Auditorium. Wind Symphony I and the Ambassadors performed, and speakers included Mayor Jim Brainard and Peter O'Hara, veteran and social studies teacher. ...

Key Club to help with Veterans Day convocation

Sophomores Anna Colosi and Kimberly Felipe discuss what events they plan to volunteer for. Key Club members can help at the Veterans Day convocation on Nov. 10 to get volunteer hours. MELISSA YAP / PHOTO


November 9, 2014

Key Club will help with the Veterans Day convocation on Nov. 10 during SRT. CHS will also host a luncheon for the veterans who attend. Club members can bring home-baked goods and homemade side dishes to serve during the luncheon. According to sponsor Katie Kelly, bringing in food will count for volu...

Medal of Honor recipient to speak at Nov. 11 Veterans Day convocation

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November 10, 2013

This Veterans Day, Nov. 11, the school will host the annual Veterans Day convocation in the Dale E. Graham Auditorium during SRT. All seniors will attend, but it will also be broadcasted by CHTV to all other SRTs. According to Will Ellery, coordinator for the Veterans Day convocation, US History teacher...

Veterans Day celebration only a few weeks away


October 29, 2013

The Veterans Day convocation is scheduled to commence on Nov. 11. The celebration is held during SRT, and two men, Pete O’Hara and Paul Bucha, will be recognized at the convocation for their service. Also, more veterans who were asked to attend will be in the auditorium as well, but they will not ...

Senior Class to participate in Veteran’s Day Ceremony Nov. 10


November 7, 2011

On Nov. 10, the Senior Class will participate in the annual Veteran’s Day Ceremony. The ceremony will take place in the auditorium, and it will be held during SRT. Only seniors will attend the event; however it will be broadcasted through CHTV in all of the SRT classrooms. Will Ellery, ceremony...

Juniors have an opportunity to win $30,000


October 6, 2011

This year, juniors will be given the opportunity to win $30,000. Will Ellery, who is in charge of the competition, and other social studies teachers will be giving out entry forms soon. Juniors who sign up for this competition will have to write an essay that will amount to three to five minutes wh...

Home Sweet Home


October 20, 2010

As troops arrive home from Afghanistan and Iraq, military families celebrate. But there is an adjustment process to the awaited return of family members. By Henry Zhu <[email protected]> Perhaps more than other students at this school, junior Jacob Zieba looks forward to the time he can spen...