Do Something Club to meet Oct. 30, plan upcoming fundraisers


Do Something Club sponsor James Ziegler talks with Sammi Kadinger, Do Something Club member and senior, about the club’s upcoming meeting on Oct. 30. According to Ziegler, the club will plan the annual October breast cancer research fundraiser and Fleece Blankets for the Homeless event as well as a Veterans Walk to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project at the upcoming meeting.

Angela Li

Do Something Club will meet on Oct. 30 to continue planning the club’s ongoing fundraisers, according to Do Something Club sponsor James Ziegler. Ziegler said due to bad weather and a low turnout at the home football game on Oct. 12, the club will continue their annual breast cancer research fundraiser to raise money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation by potentially partnering with local businesses and the Carmel Cafe throughout next week.

“We are a community service club, so that is the goal: to give back in any way possible. We do the breast cancer research fundraiser because October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month,” Ziegler said. “Statistically, one in eight women will have breast cancer at some point in their life, so that pretty much means that there’s almost nobody that doesn’t know somebody who’s been impacted by this disease in some manner or some form, including teachers and staff here at Carmel High School.”

Samantha Kadinger, Do Something Club member and senior, said “We are hoping to get teachers involved in the fundraiser by choosing a couple teachers, and whichever one raises the most money will have to wear all pink for a day.”

In addition to the breast cancer research fundraiser, the club will also plan the annual Fleece Blankets for the Homeless event, which will take place on Nov. 14 after school in the freshman cafeteria. According to Ziegler, the club will make fleece blankets for the homeless in Indianapolis at this event, and both Ziegler and Kadinger said they hope all of the club’s current fundraisers will help those in need.

“With the homelessness issue, we have a pretty good sized homeless population in Indianapolis as well as even in Hamilton County, so we make blankets for the homeless, especially this time of the year, because it is getting so cold and you see the people on the street and it’s hard not to emphasize with their conditions, so we just want to do anything we can to provide support to those vulnerable populations,” Ziegler said. “With Nov. 11 being Veterans Day, we thought it would always be good to do some kind of project revolving around veterans. In the past, we’ve done things like making cards for veterans, but the other reason we liked this project was to actually begin to take more steps towards putting money again to vulnerable veterans who have served our country but now battle some kind of mental illness as a result of their service to try to provide them the support that they need in exchange for them serving and defending our nation.”