Social norms may affect women’s physical health

Social norms may affect women’s physical health

Grace Xu

January 23, 2020

Junior Isabel Schultz can’t sit for prolonged periods—nor can she stand for extended amounts of time—without feeling intense pain. As someone with chronic back pain paired with scoliosis, she not only has to wear a back brace, but she said she even had to quit a recent job because of the number of h...

Downsized Decor: As seniors prepare to move into college dorms, students, staff give tips for decorating small spaces

Sophomore Ashley Elmore reads a book in her room. Elmore said she makes use of shelves around her room to store her books and other belongings so she always knows where they are.

Tessa Collinson

May 23, 2019

Although sophomore Ashley Elmore has a couple years before she will go to college, she’s well prepared for living in a dormitory. She said she knows how to utilize her furniture in the most efficient way possible to optimize her space. “(A struggle I’ve encountered) with decorating a small room is fin...

Pinnacle yearbook staff finalizes spring supplement, portfolios

Sandiya Sajan, Pinnacle yearbook section editor and junior, checks off the various assignments that her section has done that may be added to the their portfolios. The portfolios consist of photos, writing, graphic designs and other media-related accomplishments.

Victoria Nopporn

April 19, 2019

The yearbook for the 2018-2019 school year is now completed, and they have been sent off to be printed for distribution in May. “The book itself is done, so our current focus is completing the supplement,” said Pinnacle yearbook adviser Nicole Laughrey. “Besides that, there are portfolios and oth...

With Mardi Gras on March 5, CHS students, staff discuss impact of francophone world

MARDI GRAS MASKS: Andrea Yocum, French teacher and world language department chairman, presents a mask for Mardi Gras and a New Orleans mug, where Mardi Gras originates. Most French classes at CHS celebrate Mardi Gras each March to experience the culture of New Orleans, the primary francophone region in the United States.

Marissa Ryan

February 22, 2019

While french is only one  of the many world languages offered at this school, the concept of  the francophone world, which educators teach to French students here, poses an impactful statement on international cultural influence. Francophonie encompasses more than justthe language spoken in France...

Pinnacle Yearbook hustles at the start of the new semester

Sandiya Sajan, Pinnacle Yearbook photo editor and junior, works alongside her fellow staff members to finalize their spreads and edits. “I’m not as stressed as you may think, I will just keep on working,” Sajan said.

Victoria Nopporn

January 17, 2019

Pinnacle Yearbook staff members are already finishing spreads and sending rough drafts in to be revised by Jan. 21. The yearbook staff members will have to meet this deadline with 120 pages completed. “What that means is they will submit their preliminary work, and then a few weeks later they wil...

Pinnacle Yearbook staff finish spreads in time for deadlines

Hannah Liu, Pinnacle reporter and junior, discusses with her peers about the many articles and photos they have to submit for the major deadline next month. “We also have to take club photos this month during SRT along with the deadlines, so it’s pretty stressful,

Victoria Nopporn

November 23, 2018

One of the many spread deadlines for the Pinnacle Yearbook staff members was on Nov. 19, and editors rushed to meet deadlines to place the pages in the yearbook. “We’re living life on deadlines right now,” said Pinnacle Yearbook adviser Nicole Laughrey. “Our next major deadline is not until D...

Students use athletic talent to give back during holiday season

Students use athletic talent to give back during holiday season

Marissa Ryan

November 16, 2018

Victoria Nopporn This thanksgiving, while many families will wake up, ready to smell turkey roasting in the oven, Audrey Kaul, women’s cross country runner and junior, plans to be at the annual Wheeler Mission Drumstick Dash. The race not only donates to Wheeler Mission, a foundation that prov...