Pinnacle Yearbook hustles at the start of the new semester


Victoria Nopporn

Sandiya Sajan, Pinnacle Yearbook photo editor and junior, works alongside her fellow staff members to finalize their spreads and edits. “I’m not as stressed as you may think, I will just keep on working,” Sajan said.

Victoria Nopporn

Pinnacle Yearbook staff members are already finishing spreads and sending rough drafts in to be revised by Jan. 21. The yearbook staff members will have to meet this deadline with 120 pages completed.

“What that means is they will submit their preliminary work, and then a few weeks later they will get proofs back,” said Pinnacle Yearbook adviser Nicole Laughrey. ”They will then revise those proofs and then the final version will appear in the book.”

As they wait for these pages to be revised, they must also work on their other major deadline with 104 pages due.

“We were supposed to have a small spread deadline on Jan. 10, but we couldn’t because of time issues,” said Sandiya Sajan, Pinnacle Yearbook photo editor and junior. January and February are understood as the busiest months, in terms of deadlines and completing a large portion of the yearbook that the staff members will be ready to distribute in May. Yearbook sales end Feb. 15.

The Pinnacle staff, along with the rest of the communications department, are also meeting with middle school students to explain and even recruit new members onto its staff.

Laughrey said, “I think the best recruitment comes from my staff members, because if they’re enjoying what they’re doing then that is reflected in how they speak to potential future staff members.”