Yearbook staff to work on supplement pages

Maddie Misterka March 23, 2021

The Pinnacle Yearbook staff is beginning work on pages for the yearbook supplement. According to Lauren Green, Pinnacle editor in chief and senior, the supplement will include content from spring sports...

Yearbook staff to finish book, start supplement

Maddie Misterka March 2, 2021

The Pinnacle Yearbook staff is wrapping up work on the main portion of the yearbook in the upcoming weeks and is looking forward to working on supplement pages. According to staff adviser Claire Burke,...

Yearbook staff to continue work for upcoming deadlines

Maddie Misterka February 10, 2021

The Pinnacle Yearbook staff is working towards their second to last print deadline of the school year, with the final deadline following shortly after. The first of the two will take place on Feb. 15,...

Pinnacle Yearbook to work on senior ads, continue work for next deadline

Maddie Misterka November 17, 2020

The Pinnacle Yearbook staff is beginning to create senior ads and content for reference pages, which will be due Jan. 4. The reference pages the Pinnacle staff will work on include club photos, which...

On Wednesday, Sept. 30, the student life and academics section work on finalizing their first deadline spreads. Chris Carmichael, student life and academics editor and junior said “We are incredibly proud of our book this year. Through all the challenges we are still making a really wonderful and interesting publication and we would love for you to purchase it.”

Pinnacle Yearbook staff to start content for second deadline

Maddie Misterka October 8, 2020

The Pinnacle Yearbook staff has wrapped up their first deadline and is beginning gathering content for their second content deadline. According to Chris Carmichael, student life and academics editor and...

Sandiya Sajan, Pinnacle yearbook section editor and junior, check the many deadlines that she and her co-editors need to assign for the reporters and photographers under their section. Sandiya Sajan co-edits with other staff members under the student life and academics section.

Pinnacle yearbook works towards fifth deadline, is featured in Herff Jones

Victoria Nopporn March 22, 2019

The Pinnacle yearbook editors are working hard this month to finalize the yearbook for its sale in May. “Right now, Pinnacle is approaching the fifth deadline on March 11,” Sandiya Sajan, Pinnacle...

Pinnacle Yearbook staff to begin working on the spring supplement of the yearbook

Victoria Nopporn March 8, 2019

The yearbook staff has just finished their fourth deadline and are currently working to edit the pages they have done in the previous semester. “Most of our pages are finalized right now and are in...

Hannah Liu, Pinnacle Yearbook reporter and junior, interviews her peers for her assignments that she has for class. There are six major deadlines each year that Pinnacle Yearbook staff members must complete by the end of the year.

Pinnacle Yearbook staff edit, receive senior ads

Victoria Nopporn February 1, 2019

The Pinnacle staff has just finished one of the six major deadlines as of Jan. 22, which included a majority of the publication. “This past deadline consisted of the biggest amount of pages,” Hannah...

Sandiya Sajan, Pinnacle Yearbook photo editor and junior, works alongside her fellow staff members to finalize their spreads and edits. “I’m not as stressed as you may think, I will just keep on working,” Sajan said.

Pinnacle Yearbook hustles at the start of the new semester

Victoria Nopporn January 17, 2019

Pinnacle Yearbook staff members are already finishing spreads and sending rough drafts in to be revised by Jan. 21. The yearbook staff members will have to meet this deadline with 120 pages completed. “What...

Hannah Liu, Pinnacle reporter and junior, discusses with her peers about the many articles and photos they have to submit for the major deadline next month. “We also have to take club photos this month during SRT along with the deadlines, so it’s pretty stressful, Liu said.

Pinnacle Yearbook staff finish spreads in time for deadlines

Victoria Nopporn November 23, 2018

One of the many spread deadlines for the Pinnacle Yearbook staff members was on Nov. 19, and editors rushed to meet deadlines to place the pages in the yearbook. “We’re living life on deadlines right...

Pinnacle Yearbook photographer, Sarah Hao, interviews Linh Nguyen about the recent news of the Madden game shooting in Jacksonville, Fla. “I love to know and understand what others think of current events. It’s enlightening.”

Pinnacle Yearbook Staff Preparing for the New School Year

Victoria Nopporn September 5, 2018

This year’s Pinnacle staff is preparing for the 2018-2019 yearbook that will be distributed in May of 2019. “Our goal this year is to just make a yearbook, like always. The process is new, there will...

Matilda Mel works on her yearbook portfolio project and recruitment posters for intro yearbook classes on April 12, 2018. Matilda said she felt happy with the final result of the recruitment poster which she created. “The yearbook portfolio is a big project that we do every year in yearbook. Each portfolio is unique to the owner and, it’s fun to see the final results of all of the portfolios.”

Pinnacle staff to work on yearbook supplement, personal portfolios

April 18, 2018

Pinnacle members are currently working on the yearbook supplement to accompany the 2017-2018 yearbook. Pinnacle adviser Nicole Laughrey said, “The yearbook supplement includes photos of spring sports...

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