Pinnacle Yearbook staff to start content for second deadline


On Wednesday, Sept. 30, the student life and academics section work on finalizing their first deadline spreads. Chris Carmichael, student life and academics editor and junior said “We are incredibly proud of our book this year. Through all the challenges we are still making a really wonderful and interesting publication and we would love for you to purchase it.”

Maddie Misterka

The Pinnacle Yearbook staff has wrapped up their first deadline and is beginning gathering content for their second content deadline.

According to Chris Carmichael, student life and academics editor and junior, for this deadline, her section will cover different topics and events chronologically throughout the second quarter. “We’ll cover things like Holiday Spectacular, Ghost and Goblins, those kinds of events and other things like classes, SATs and that kind of thing,” said Carmichael. She also said that different sections differentiate in content, but the deadline will cover whatever happens first. “Later on, we’ll have more deadlines on creating indexing, the index in the back of the book, but that’s later on in the process in making the book,” said Carmichael.

Staff adviser Claire Burke said as of right now, she is unaware of how things will look for this next deadline, but she and the staff will get more information as the cycle progresses. “The second deadline isn’t until Nov. 23, so we have much more time to work and think and breathe than we did with the first deadline,” said Burke.

In addition to Pinnacle’s staff beginning their work for their new content, they would like to inform readers yearbooks are currently on sale both in-person and digitally. Senior ads for the yearbook will be available in the coming months, and parents can find information about them in an email that Burke will send.