Pinnacle yearbook staff to finalize first content deadline by Oct. 10

The Pinnacle yearbook staff is working on finishing their content for their first deadline which is due on Oct. 10. The deadline will be for 78 pages of content.

According to Pinnacle staff adviser Claire Burke, the first deadline will cover fall sports, student life and academic pages that can be covered at any time throughout the school year. She said this deadline is usually the most difficult one to work on.

“It’s (the deadline) the only one that doesn’t include something like the people section with everybody’s mugshots, or the club section, or anything kind of along those lines. It’s literally creating 78 pages of content just, like, cold,” she said.

Logan Davis, Pinnacle editor-in-chief and senior, said he’s looking forward to seeing how the staff’s first deadline turns out, as well as making any necessary changes.

“Obviously things that don’t work out well with this first deadline, we can always change,” he said. “We can change the font (or) change the design. We can work on things now, when we have time, rather than later when time is running out.” By Emma Hu