Pinnacle Yearbook staff finish spreads in time for deadlines


Victoria Nopporn

Hannah Liu, Pinnacle reporter and junior, discusses with her peers about the many articles and photos they have to submit for the major deadline next month. “We also have to take club photos this month during SRT along with the deadlines, so it’s pretty stressful," Liu said.

Victoria Nopporn

One of the many spread deadlines for the Pinnacle Yearbook staff members was on Nov. 19, and editors rushed to meet deadlines to place the pages in the yearbook.

“We’re living life on deadlines right now,” said Pinnacle Yearbook adviser Nicole Laughrey. “Our next major deadline is not until Dec. 5, but we are in the midst of club photos right now.” The photographer on staff work with the managing editor of Pinnacle to assign who will take photos of which club or sport. The staff members are also working on their portfolios, which suffice as their final exam grade. The Pinnacle Yearbook staff is also partaking in many bonding events, the next one will be on Dec. 11 at the school.

Hannah Liu, Pinnacle Yearbook reporter and junior, said. “There’s a lot of deadlines right now to work towards, so instead of having our usual Thanksgiving party during class, we’ll have a different event which will be more of a holiday celebration.” This activity will happen during SRT in the coming weeks.

“We’re going to have a White Elephant event and a pitch-in for all of the staff members,” Laughrey said. For every spread, which are two pages of the yearbook, there are smaller deadlines for each member, including photographers, reporters, and graphic artists, to meet.