German students to take National Testing starting Jan. 9


The German II-V classes prepare to take the National Testing exam from Jan. 9 to 20.

The exam is taken nationwide on the same weeks for German students, according to Angelika Becker, world language department chair and German teacher.

“This test allows teachers to see who the best students are and what teaching methods are effective. It also shows us which concepts need to be taught better and where the student needs more attention. We can evaluate ourselves and improve,” Becker said.

According to Becker, the test can be very hard for students.

“I’m not really nervous. It might be a little hard though. I’ve been studying all week,” junior Jordan Raver said.

“The curriculum isn’t the same for all the schools taking this test, so that might make it harder, but I’m not nervous. I’ve been studying most of this week,”  junior Caroline Bundy said.